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Mookie Be Like A Boss Bruh; <3

Younq Wild Andd Free !

Well She's Caring, Crazy, Wierd, Real, Clumsy, Different, And Doesnt Care A About What People Think About Her !

Moving On...

She Loves To Make People Laugh And is 100 % Hyped. What Can You Say, Ima Child Who Has A Ball Of Energy *

She Says Alot and Doesn't Like The Drama Kids Be Bringing To The 21st Century. It Is The 21st Century Right ? Yessir !

Friends And Fam(ily) She Has To Adore <3

CookieMonster Is Her Man Real Talk !

SpiderMan !

Crushing...On A Cutie.

Belieber & Mahomie !

Favorite Lyrics :

There Will Be No Sun Light If I Lose You Baby. There Will Be No Clear Skies If I Lose You Baby.

~ Bruno Mars

I Am Not A Word. I Am Not A Line. I Am Not A Girl That Can Ever Be Defined. I Am Not Fly. I Am Levitation. I Represent An Entire Genaration

~ Nicki Minaj

I Set Fire To The Rain. Watched It Pour As I Touched You Face. Let It Burn While I Cry Cause I Heard It Screaming Out Your Name.

~ Adele

No Shoes No Shirt And I Still Get Service.


You Had A Lotta Crocks Trying To Steal Your Heart. Never Really Had Luck Couldn't Ever Figure Out How To Love.

~ Lil Wayne

I'm Tired So I'm Stop And Finish Later Son !