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Im a very cool person who loves making friends,making mv's,and lots of other stuffz that u might know as well too because....everyone does pretty much the same thing here on Hatena o3o :Make Flips,Post,Make friends or so u say M.F.P.M.F.....o-o.Anywho i have lots of great frieds but i'd love to make more :D,My greatest and bestest friends are*dun,dun,dun,dun,dun*Kenny:Awsome guy who loves stars and makes flips(like everyone exept he has that special thing that makes it special to everyone)his amazingly talented Gf and Awsome Friend that is considered a girl by science o3o.....Cupcake :D A great drawer...the most amazing one evah :O.And the most creative and most bestes frwiend evah :D,and as cute as a button that a fly wouldnt hurt promises about the fly.:D NOw back to me*camera goes back to kenny and cupcake*get back here D:....i love to make flips but not all the time cause i usally play Maplestory :D search it up foos if u dont know what it is :P....OK bai :D.