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Hello~ This is the part where I talk about myself right? >u<” I enjoy long walks on the beach.

Hehe just kidding....


So, anyways... most people refer to me as Cecil, Jade, or Murmur.

I like roleplaing on Msparp, Trollmegle, and Omegle. (Mostly as John, Bunbert, Kittyjohn--...)

Bluh im getting off topic. Halp.

As you can probably already tell, I am a fan of the glorious miracle comic known as, Homestuck.

I ship a lot of ships <3

DaveJohn, KarkatJohn, DirkJake, SolluxAradia, etc...

My kokoro has so many feels for the ones I bothered to list. ;u;


My tumblr is cecilredacted. And I usually post art and reblog stuff I find interesting.

Oh! What was I talking about originally...

Hm, stuff I like...

Cosplay, rping, drawing, Homestuck, Portal, MLP, lolita clothes...



I think I might turn this account into a Bunbert rp account...

Gonna do that after I update this....

Bye, loves!





*1: ooc depending on whether or not im rping