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hia! im anna x] i hv brwn hair n honey brown eyes! I think im gorgous cuz im me n im not all eh n insicuree,Im singoee again(:

im sport,bubbly,outgoing n motivated:)

SPORTY:i play v-ball,i cheer on my class football team(go riders woot!),i run track,i swim n i model

BUBBLY:idk wat to say 4 this 1 but im always in a good mood n hving fun!!

OUTGOING:i do volunteer worrk i help the needy out n enjoy it, im always outsid or some where playin,running,jumping or crawling around lmao

MOTIVATED:im motivated by my dad to stay healthy work out,be nice n friendly,I want a bf that motivates me 2 do the best i can in everything i do!

so RAWR x] 4 now hv fun, be safe, stay healthy, drink milk, be nice, hv more fun n scream i love anna<3 ;)Oh also here myy email so email me and tell me your from haten or i wont reply cause ill think your a cr.eepx well here it is so yup hurry emai mah! deuces!!!(;

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anna maria rodrigues




feb 2 1999


roosevelt middleschool