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I have a serious ebay addiction. I have a new snazzy android phone that has the internet and apps. I have an ebay app, and I can now list things for auction on it, and i'm walking round the house and I suddenly list it. I take a photo of the thing and fill the form in then its for sale!! I'll sell anything not screwed down......the only problem is people win and don't pay for my stuff!! I want to SCREEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAM!!! ARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGHHH!!

So if YOU go on ebay and bid on it, please pay for it as it is very annoying, and the seller has to wait 8 DAYs incase you decide to pay for it after all or they get into trouble, while the flippin' buyer does what they like!!!


I'm Helen by the way. Hello nice to meet you x

Go and see the sellers - youwannabuy - and - lovelystuff4you

I will ship things anywhere......almost!!