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Hello people of this planet. I am an AAZ here to steal your brains.;D (inside joke) OKAY! Hey there peeps! My name is Andrea (on-dr-ea) I use to make flips here, now I barely make any. So don't expect me to post so much, I have a life ya know? *cough*NOTREALLY*cough*

I LOVE drawing!~ I hope to become a mangaka, not likely but I can dream.^^ I'm not exactly an expert at drawing but I am pretty good at it.:) For my standards at least. I like getting tips, not tips like I should stop drawing cause I'm never gonna get better but tips like how I can improve curls or I should make my eyes a tad smaller.

I like nice people.:)

And I enjoy kindness from others, no matter how small.^^

I also enjoy making friends.^^

P.S.please don't steal my flips