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030 i cant stop drawing in class i love to animate im very artistic and love being creative ive had a thing for art ever since i was seven thank goodness hatena created a place to animate i've always tried finding ways to animate even though it was impossible other than hatena im accepted by many people here but in the real world im an outsider and people only tend to notice me through my art and i love the fact im appreciated from my art but i could never really understand why people liked it so much really, and it makes me feel so depressed i dont really like my art like others do i dont see it the same way and im most known for it people i've never met knows me through my drawings i've had a thing for music i would always play my brothers guitar to the point of every finger getting sore i would write songs and sometimes things just appear in my head im not really close to anyone not even my family im hugely misunderstood i tend to have hatred on people i hate the fact their so quick to judge and as i look at the human race these days i bagan to really see how messed up it is i want to get involved in a music career or probably become a

cartoonist thats why i love it here so much i actually enjoy meeting new people that have the same interests there are so many insipring talented artists'!