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6 Best Full Size Platform Beds in 2020 Reviews

Full-size platform beds are an ideal choice for those who seek to give a modernized and sleek look to their rooms. The beds tend to elevate a room by spicing up basic styles. They are easy to manipulate and fix multiple designs and styles. They are efficient as they eliminate the need for a spring box giving adequate support.

Manufacturers use various materials, thus ideal for a user to incorporate the designs desired and hence budget-friendly. Besides, they are available in multiple heights, therefore suitable for those with back problems and older people. Full-size platform beds are available in vast styles, such as.

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1. Full-size platform beds with drawers.

Full-size platform beds with drawers make a significant impact on small bedrooms. Such beds are ideal as they not only provide comfortable sleeping surfaces but also make room for the storage of items in the room. The drawers allow individuals to make maximum use of the space under the bed, thus, prohibits individuals from stuffing stuff under their beds. Additionally, the beds make it easy to clean a room as there is no space for dust to collect. The beds help interior designers set to achieve a minimalist look as drawers allow the storing of unnecessary clutter. They are also ideal for individuals who move from apartment to apartment as there is easy transportation of belongings without having to remove them from storage spaces.

Where individuals are looking for an ideal full-size platform bed with drawers, the South Shore Holland Full Platform Bed would be a great choice. It is perfect as it possesses the following features;

• It has a contemporary style, thus ideal for modern designs.

• It has a spacious drawer that allows the storage of items in the room, such as bedding and accessories.

• The drawer is fully efficient because its mounting is on full extension metal slides that open quickly, without handles.

• It is budget-friendly as it does not require a box spring.

• It allows the addition of a headboard, enabling the achievement of various desired designs and looks.

2. The full size upholstered bed.

Such beds leave a long-lasting impression in a room as they give not only a classic look but also a luxurious feel to a room. The beds allow one to incorporate various styles and designs in a room, thus flexible. Both headboards and footboards permit flawless styling. A wide range of materials like velvet and leather are used to fabricate headboards and footboard.

Tufting such materials brings about a classy look. When tufting various items can be used. Jewels can be used with velvet to bring about a luxurious feel to a room. At times buttons may be used to give a sleek and clean design. Moreover, the upholstered beds protect the painting of a wall as nothing can slip through to strike the wall, and the cushions absorb any bumps.

If you are looking for the best full size upholstered bed, the Copper Grove Ayrum Upholstered Bed Frame with Square Tufted

Headboard would be ideal. Its features are as follows;

• It has covered side rails that create a gorgeous presentation that blends perfectly with the tufted headboard.

• It has slats that unroll easily, thus allows the slats to fit perfectly into the bed frame.

• It eliminates the need for spring boxes; it offers reliable support for mattresses.

• Its legs are durable and classy, giving the room a modern and convertible look.

• A two-year warranty backs it.

• The headboard material is linen-inspired material with buttonless tufting giving it a luxurious look.

3. A Full-size metal platform bed with headboard.

Metal platform beds are sturdy and secure beds as they ensure the firmness and safety of use of the bed and its occupants. Various types of pure metals and alloys make the bed frames. They also allow one to design their bed frames as they support open-style designs. Furthermore, the smooth delivery of antique and versatile looks with the various available style of the rods and the ends.

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Where individuals seek to purchase a full-size metal platform bed with a headboard, a Viviana Farmhouse Metal Platform Bed is excellent.

It has the following features;

• It is a very trendy piece as it has an antique design with some modern flair.

• It is ideal for a small bedroom as it allows under-bed storage.

• It is easy and fast to assemble.

• It eliminates the need for a spring box as it has slats to support the mattress.

4. Full-size platform beds with the high weight capacity.

When purchasing beds, individuals should put in mind the amount of weight various types of bed frames can support. Individuals with heavyweights should consider choosing suitable frames that deter sleeping inconveniences, such as the sagging of the mattress at the bed's center. Therefore, the full-size platform beds provide both safety and comfort for heavy people. They are sturdy and hold over 1000-2000 pounds.

If you are seeking to purchase a full-size platform bed with massive weight capacity, one of the best options to consider would be the Zinus smart base Mattress Foundation.

It has the following features;

• It has a 2400 pound weight capacity limit.

• Steel is the primary material in its frame, which ensures its sturdiness

• It provides a strong and quiet foundation for mattresses as it has slats that allow mattresses to sag flexibly.

• It is also easy to assemble with minimal pieces of equipment employed.

• It supports a variety of mattresses such as spring, latex, hybrid mattresses, and memory foam mattresses.

5. A wood platform bed.

Wood tends to give a traditional luxurious and elegant look to a bedroom. This look is made possible by choosing iconic and classic headboard pieces that are attached to the wooden bed frame.

A suitable wood platform bed would be a Better Homes and Gardens Kane Full Size Platform Bed. It has the following highlights;

• Wooden mattress slats included providing support.

• Solid rubberwood construction.

• The bed accommodates a standard full-size mattress.

6. A platform canopy bed.

These beds have been posted at each of the four corners. Decorative or linen fabric are common materials used to drape between the posts, and cloth pieces may form a canopy-like ceiling just at the top of the bed.

A popular, highly suggested platform canopy bed is the Emet Upholstered Canopy Bed. It has the following highlights;

• The bed has a solid wood frame.

• The Upholstery Material used is velvet.

• No box springs are required.


People spend at least one-third of their lives in bed, and therefore, if you are looking for the best full size platform bed, the above types would be ideal choices to purchase. Not only do they give a room a simple and elegant look but also combine fashion and function. Additionally, they are budget-friendly, thus prove to be highly economical. They promote the need for quality bedding and mattresses, therefore, allowing you to invest properly in your sleep – eventually, the achievement of an impressive visual appeal.