Im 14 and a guy, i listen to variations of modern rock, including bands liek Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet For My Valentine, and Escape the Fate. The main video games i play are Combat arms and Call of Duty. I like watching shows like South Park, Family Guy, 1000 ways to Die, and Deadliest Warrior. umm. . . . i have a facebook, if you are my friend on here you can add me, my name is Scotty Tinker and the pic is of me with a deer. . . I like watching but not playing baseball.The only sport i do is hunting, where some of you may find it as cruel, i dont and if you dont wanna talk about it dont bring it up :P. . . . I am really shy and i kinda hate myself. . . i dont like a thing about myself. . . but apparently im nice or sweet or wutever to others. . . i kinda love someone atm so no i wont go out with anyone here on hatena or in rl except that person. . .she knows who she is and she may be reading this right now idk. . . if you wanna be friends just comment on one of my flips for a time to chat. . . if i can make it ill be there. . . umm well thats kinda it. . . . my last name was ninjashygy and i changed it a lil while ago. . . well bye i guess :P