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to my account!

Hello! Welcome to my profile. My name is ☆とhト!$☆. (Not my real name.)

Here is some info of meh:

I'm a Boy

I am 10-12 yrs old

I have a 3DS,

a DSi,

and a DS lite that is owned by me.

Here are some of my friends:

shell, John #9, $!lver$un, Epic, ☆PiChU☆, ☆Kevin☆, Epic, Jon, and... well... all my fans and favorite creators! Make sure to visit them... ALL!!!


When you cry, I cry.

When you laugh, I laugh.

When you jump of a building, I laugh some more.


When life gives you Lemons, just squirt them at your enemy's eyes.



Flipnotes in progress:

More MV - 92%

Loco MV - 0%


See Ya!

When Flipnote Memo comes out I am gonna be moving there under the name of $!lver$tar. Hope to see you all there!*