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I can't draw lol lets get that out the way haha so yeah I'm Luis, Dr.Louis, Andres, George, Shadow, John Lennon, Twirl, Lou, Louie,, or whatever the heck you wanna call me. :) ahaha yeah well some people call me John Lennon cuz I look like him with my hair long or short (I have a mop top now! Lol) and now I even have glasses like him. Well that and I'm a raving Beatles fan haha. I get called George by my teachers cuz they think I look more like George.(I love my teachers hehe) I don't mind! I love playing they're songs! Oh yeah did I mention I play guitar, cello, and a bunch of other stuff? Lol I'm even learning bass now! It feels weird... Lol I love Food. That I can say as well as I'm a huge classic rocknroll fan. I love Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, the Ramones, the Who, The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys, Chuck Berry, Elvis, Little Richard, U2, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, the list goes on and on haha. But thanks to a certain energetic girl I also like Bruno Mars xD Hatena is fun and I'll be on a lil more once school is over. I've been busy busy busy. Baseball, guitar, babysitting, and school are all Bleh! Lol I will also make a couple more flips considering I can play a bunch more songs now. Oh! Me and my friend Xavier wrote a song!! Its awesome! The guitar part is nice and I manage the vocals! Chaaaahahaha! Lol We'll form a band soon! I don't know what to call it! Fe-0 which is either means "ugly" in Spanish or rust in science lol i need suggestions!! Well back to hatena, I'm a real chill dude who as long as you don't act big headed I'm cool with. If we don't talk much my bad. I have a good amount of friends on here. I think I have the same amount or more in real life now tho. But that's baseball's fault lol I have Aspyn, Joniece, Carol, Em, Sarah, Lucio, Ceci, red, George or death, and a lot more who I might've forgotten on here xD ;I'm getting old haha. The funny part is I'm like one of the youngest in my class. I love Gandhiji, George Harrison, and John Lennon! They are my major rolemodels! Nonviolence! As long as I don't have to use my fists.Lol my favorite quotes are "Live simply so others may simply live." by Gandhi and "If everyone practiced being themselves instead of pretending to be what they aren't, there would be peace." by John Lennon it's 12:21! Yay! I had to write so many flipping papers this year.. -_____- don't get me wrong, I love creative writing! I love writing poems, lyrics, and stories. But research papers are trouble . Lol I love rping! According to my friend I'm a great rper.. Only problem is I can't draw... -______- I have such an imagination, no lie if I had painting and drawing skills, I'd be the next Van Gogh or Masashi Kishimoto or something! Lol I can write a mean story tho hehe I love spring! It's when my school still isn't unbearably hot like the last couple days. -_______- Also Baseball season and tans! Lol My birthday is in the summer tho. I'm younger than everyone in my classes.. I'm only like older than 2 people.. And one I'm only 2 days older than. Oh well at least I'll die after all them. Suckers! Haha well I'm tired so... Peace, love, and may the force be with you xD