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Facebook: olivia champagne ( sillouette )

Instagram: 170SillouetteCamikillu

KiK: SillouetteCamikillu

Cell: (337)354-5971 ( no calling, this is for texting- questions, reasoning or just chat :)

Hello. greetings. salutations. hola. konichiwa.

im Sillouette Camikillu. a young ( 13 ) scene/emo girl in Louisiana.

i HATE chick flicks. anime and comidy please. Cartoon network, playing guitar, and drawing is my life. im growing up in a christian atmosphere and still have troubles and understandings im going through. my parents got divorced a couple years ago and i still havent fully grasped or got over the concept. i have a stepdad and im about to have a stepmom. i live with my modray ( mom :D ) and stepdad. i have blue purple and black huur ( hair ) im funny, not so smart XD love animals and my life. i love expressing myself through my hair, clothes and personality :) im not a cutter, but ive done it twice and left some nasty scars on my arm that will probably never go away :(. i understand u hurt and depressed peeps on here... ive been there. its not fun and its hard to let go. ... i have a dsi XL... i have the new white samsung galaxy note tablet phone thingy majiger :) its big. i cant fit it anywhere..... XD so any Qs just ask

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august 19 : schooooooeeel....... gettin in da way of everything..... sorry

D XD ^.^ O.O 80 :O o3o :( (0o0) :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

My characters------

Sillouette - cat

Misty - fox

Raptor - bat

Shadow - vampire hedgehog ( copie rite ^.^ ) i make him sexier k? lol

Matt - hedgehog

Axle - hedgehog

Tia - rabbit

Chloe - wolf

Gold - hedgehog

eh i have more but ill put em up there wen im not lazy and go find them

MY main OC is Sillouette the cat.

thanks for readin this :D