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hello there. as you probaly know, I am Skasun.

this is my first account.


birthday!:February 8 i'm 11.hatenaversery:3/12/12

FH family:tigerstar~sis nightmare~sis



my sis's deviantART: JustASporkInTheRoad she is eppppicc!!!

My DeviantART: GrowlitheOfSka

friend codes:

Pokémon B/W(i gotz black):0862-5654-8407 name: madi Pokémon levels: 50-100(100-zekrom but he's banned.)

super smash bros. brawl: meh, later.

Pokémon HeartGold: mehh, laaatur


my favorite animals are: cat,wolf,dragon fav genre of mewsic: SKA ftw.

fav band: STREETLIGHT MANIFESTO ftw. (you:ska!?whats ska?)

fav food: STEAK fav video game: okamiden/okami/pokemon fav book series: WARRIORS SERIES!!! FTW. fav other tings: pokemon!! playing clarinet reading drawing etc.




fursona: (cat form)SkaSong loner F others:

dogtail GryphonClan warrior M Devicestar DeviceClan leader F heartbeat loner F fogclaw loner M prototype rouge M clawheart rouge M


fursona:(wolf form) Skasun lone wolf F

SkaWolf lone wolf M 23557 rank unknown F scribble lone wolf F(has wings) Glaspa lone wolf F (has wings)


skasun ampithire F

oceanFlow wyvern F mistle night fury F


WhiteFire growlithe F andante growlithe F london pikachu F

wampus cats:

rage M


my goals on Hatena:

get one green star(X)

get one red star(X) (both thanks to tiger`sis X3 da most awesome friend EVUR)

get one blue star( )

get one purple star( )(lol like I'd ever get one)

reach 10 fans(X)

reach 30 fans(X)

reach 50 fans( )

reach 100 fans( )

reach 1000+ fans( )

be kinda popular(like just warrior cats)( )

have a flip in MP( )

have a flip in hot flips( )

have 1 friend(X)

have 10 friends( )

highest rank:6,196


profile last edited June 24, 2012

alrighty, see ya later!


~skasun, the scottish fold Pokémon trainer~