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wah my account crashed no!!! well bye everyone love yah

hi i am ishizu isis ishtar. i am 17 years old. many of you know me as isis, my yami. the truth is i am nothing like her and she is not what she seems to be. i have two brothers and i used to have one sister named mariah(mariks twin sister) but my yami strangled her(two at the time) with her melinuim necalace. me i would never ever even dream of killing someone but i blame myself for my sisters death.... i just wish i could control isis. i fight back but that usally ends up with isis throwing me off a building or some other high place. just because she feels like it she totures me. my only friend ,ryou,he has it worse... whenever florence takes over he blacks out but i see everything even her dreams. they are all about florence she is completly obssed with him. they are going to a movie this friday... caniable holocaust two i think it was called. she only got him to go (and swear to kiss her full on the lips for ten seconds because one of the many times all four(five if theif king wants to join) of us talk to each other over our milenium items florence mocked isis and isis threatend to go to a movie with melvin(who would kill me and leave isis a spirt). florence didnt care but my little cream puff ryou wouldnt stand for me going out with any other guy espically my brother marik and also he didnt want me to get hurt so he put on his cute face and begged florence to do what isis wanted and he had to cave in to ryou. my brothers marik and odion still stay together well marik keeps odion like a slave or servant but atleast they arent killing each other or something. marik never knew about his twin and i really dont want to tell him. i see them every once in a while. marik likes using my acount for his silly show *sigh* he is so immature for a fifteen year old. i wuv my ryou cream puff he is not only my BFF but also my BF. i know he loves me too. gotta go to school now bye!

Isis: now i know i sound absolutly horrible in ishizu's point of view but i wasnt always this way i used to love and be care free... then it happend. i am gonna tell u my story because i am not as horrible as most may think. the story of my prince and how i became a yami. My prince and i (some of you know him as theif king) met as small children (we were both six at the time) in a market place somewhere in egypt. he was really hungry and struggling to stay alive. i saw him across the way after my father bought me a half a melon. he was digging through the trash in an alleyway. he was so cute and looked like he was about to fall over. i felt really bad for him so i walked up to him and offered him my melon. when he saw me he hid so i said "dont be afraid. you looked hungry so i brought you this." i held it out for him. he stared at me for a second took the melon and took a huge bite out of it."hi my names isis whats yours." he ate like he had no idea when his next meal would be. he only ate a little and saved the rest for later. his hair was white with a lite purple tint and his bright purple eyes sparkled in the sunlight. "most just call me theif but when you live on the street u dont need a name your your own person. no one tells you what to do or were to go. nobody really knows you exist. my parents died when i could barely walk but i am strong enough to handle it." said the kid struggling to stand up and wasting away to nothing. "i cannot call u theif. could i call u prince?" "i dont care what u call me but why prince? do i look like a prince to u?" "isis where are u?" my father was calling. "good bye prince. meet me here tomarrow." i gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. i waved goodbye running away in my long white dress and sandles. he stood there cheeks completly red barely moving his hand trying to get the courage to wave back. he was the only boy i had ever met that made rags look good and acted if he was on top of the world when really he was a whole lot closer to the bottom. i really admired his self confidence.we were in love and at opisite sides of soceity i was a priestest in training and he was a theif who stole everything he had except for my heart. after a few days of meeting we made up a code to make sure we would not get caught. i would sing "prince, prince where art thou my sweet prince" and if he heard me he would say "right here my lady." everyday i would bring food and everyday he would tell stories, teach me games, and teach me other things he picked up living on the street. we thought we would go along like that forever but good things must always come to an end. after we had each turned twelve my father had gotten curious to where i had been going after training each day so this time he followed me. it started the same "prince prince where art thou my sweet prince." i heard no responce at first but the show off that he is he back flips off the roof of a building perfectly and landed on his feet right in front of me "right here my lady." "perfect but i think i saw it before so u get a 7.5." i teased " no way last time it was a front flip and i was two inches off." "really i couldnt tell. i brought muffins, prince." "my lady i thought i already told you. you dont need to buy me any more food i can fend for myself." this time it was the truth he had grown quite strong from running from those he robs and he had never gotten caught."i know but i worry about you. i cant help thinking if i dont bring you food every day you will end up being caught and i didnt buy these i made them myself." "In that case two please.worry about me? Isis you are out of your mind i will never get caught." He let out a huge laugh and a sword was coming strait at him "prince watch out" i screamed.my father had heard everything and called the guards. prince ducked and the sword barely flew over the top of his head. he kissed me on the cheek. "its time for us to part for now my lady." he jumped from one wall to the next reached the roof and started sprinting jumping across the roofs. "love yah Isis" he yelled and he kept running until out of sight. "Isis this is it i am sending you to the private preistess acadamy tomarrow. no more sneaking around to see theives for you." "father he is my best friend. i love him. i need him. you cannot take me away from him just because he is different." " i dont need to hear it you sorry excuse for a daughter you! go home now!" "but father.." i was begining to cry. "now!" i decided to sneak out one more time that night to see prince before leaving forever. "run away with me my lady. let us leave this place and i will show u my castle!" " i wish i could but unlike you they will catch me. i cannot slow u down prince. this is goodbye." "please isis i need you. you are the only reason i keep running. my only reason to stay alive.if you really must go atleast take this to remeber me by." he held out a beuitiful golden crown increasted with a turquiose gem in the center. it was the most wonderful thing i had ever seen but i knew who my prince was so i asked "who did u steal this from." "oh, i see just because i am a theif i steal everything right. you are so judgemental Isis. i made it okay i was gonna give it to you for your thirteenth birthday as your first day as a women but since i'll never see you again..." i threw my arms around him squezzing him as hard as i could and he hugged me back. i let go "thank you prince i will tresure it for ever and never take it off. i hate that i have nothing for u." "you might, come here i want to try something."i walked up closer to him. He touched my face so gently as if i might break, he pushed a strand of my eyes,and he got his face really close to mine until he touched my lips. my eyes automatically closed and in my head fireworks went off. still dazed i stuttered out "goodnight my sweet prince." "night my beuitiful princess. your lips tasted better than i ever imagined." i skipped all the way home. i cried every night to think my prince didnt have me to be there for him. i began to blame others my father, my family, and the whole stinkin world no one wanted us together but us. we thought we would never see each other again and the next time we did we became yamis both of us grew cold hearted without each other... i ran into him and his hikari the other day. my prince, king of theives. he still loves me after more than 3000 years and i still love him so lay off ishizu and all other that enjoy to pair me with mariks yami(super gross by the way) and kiba (the only one on this show who has absolutly no soul while most others have two). i was in a dark place ishizu im sorry about your sister i never ment to .... i would never.....

Isis really i had no idea. I'm so sorry...i could be your sister if you want since your family absoulutly didnt care at all about you. i have always wanted a "sister". okay i am sorry but i am serious about being your sister.

Isis:well i have always wanted someone to talk to when TTK is busy stealing things or is that freaking monster who wont leave my BF alone and i dont need many more enemies so sure why not.

OMG i just love the music to sonic colors. not as much as i love Manic the Hedgehog though. Come back sonic underground or atleast Manic;-)

oceann and ninja chick and dark shadow are my bff's(best flipnote friends)

i think more people should make Manic flipnotes even though there isnt any green because he is just awesome like that. i am called the emerald chick by my friends at school but it wont fit so Manic lover has to stay it is cool anyways.

my song:

I’m Just A KidSimple Plan

I woke up it was 7

I waited till 11

Just to figure out that no one would call

I think i got a lot of friends but I don’t hear from them

What’s another night all alone?

When your spending everyday on your own

And here it goes


I’m just a kid and life is a nightmare

I’m just a kid, I know that its not fair

Nobody cares, cause I’m alone and the world is

Having more fun than me


And maybe when the night is dead, I’ll crawl into my bed

Staring at these 4 walls again

I’ll try to think about the last time, I had a good time

Everyone’s got somewhere to go

And they’re gonna leave me here on my own and here it goes

I’m just a kid and life is a nightmare

I’m just a kid, I know that its not fair

Nobody cares, cause I’m alone and the world is

Having more fun than me

What the heck is wrong with me?

Don’t fit in with anybody

How did this happen to me?

Wide awake I’m bored and I can’t fall asleep

And every night is the worst night ever

I’m just a kid [repeat x5]

I’m just a kid and life is a nightmare

I’m just a kid, I know that its not fair

Nobody cares, cause I’m alone and the world is

Nobody wants to be alone in the world.

I’m just a kid and life is a nightmare

I’m just a