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Cost And Expense

We provide an explanation for the difference among value and rate, their intervention in manufacturing, administration, and examples of differentiating them.

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What Is The Difference Between Cost And Expense?

In everyday speech, the notions of price and rate are used interchangeably in view that both constitute a disbursement of cash in trade for a great or carrier received (that is, pay). However, those two phrases have different administrative and accounting language meanings, as we are able to see under.

To begin with, these two phrases have different origins: “price” comes from the verb “costar,” which derives from the Latin steady, translatable as “correspond” or “square.” In evaluation, “cost” comes from the verb “spend,” which exists ensuing for phonetic reasons from the verb “devastate,” from the Latin vastus. Its hyperlink to the concept of paying or disbursing cash is the fruit of symbolic wondering.

In accounting and administrative subjects, it's far critical to differentiate fee from the expense, particularly whilst calculating the fee of the very last products of a corporation. Both expenses and prices have accounting facts given that prices are associated with the manufacturing method, whilst fees are administrative, financing, and sales. READ MORE:-