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hmmmm...people usually put their goals here....i guess i will too o3o

Bronze citizenship: Yep

Silver citizenship: Yersh! (yes)

Gold citizenship: Nope

Platinum citizenship: Nerp.

30 fans: Yes

50 fans: Yes

100 fans: Yeshhhhhh :3

Those were my old goals. i have some more things id like to acheive.

100,000 stars(not on an individual flip): yesh

500,000 stars: no

1 million stars: no

flip in most pop.: yes...

5th most pop: Yes!

4th most pop: YUSS

3rd most pop: yersh

2nd most pop: no

1st most pop: no

Ranking in top 20: no

200 fans: Yesssss!!!

500 fans: no

800 fans:no

1000 fans: no

k...thats all by.