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This is Pachu of Hatena.

It's funny coming back three years after the dissipation of flip it's to edit this.

Well... For one, I enjoyed this time of my life.

I enjoyed my fans.

My friends...

Alicia, DomoKid, Desertstorm, Fleesveon, Virtus, Zoroplup, TEO, Roxa, Kazma, Darry, BlackSnivy, RedFox, Man... You have changed my life. Honestly, thank you. And these are merely the names at the top of my head.

...Coviscott, you too. You made my time on Hatena worth it, even if I became a butt and ruined our friendship.

Ah... Well... To anyone reading this... Thank you.

You have let my imagination soar. I'm now studying the arts and plan to get into character concept and design, or animation. You have allowed me to become the Perot a dare to be today.

If you wish to find me, I'm now @BagOfSalads. Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Deviantart, wherever that name lies, I am she.

Goodbye, my friends.

And good luck.