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Last updated: May 24, 2012

Hi everyone, I'm Peppermint! Well, I love anime/manga/yaoi/vocaloid! XD

My favorite animes are: Kuroshitsuji, Junjou Romantica, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, Black Rock Shooter, Trinity Blood, Vampire Princess Miyu, Ouran High School Host Club, True Tears and Fruits Basket(I've seen more but those are my favs<3) . My favorite manga's: Kitchen Princess,Elfen Lied, Hybrid Child, Junjou Romantica, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, I Am Here!,Yotsuba!, Sakura Hime, Kyoko Time Stranger, Neon Genesis Evangelion,Vampire Knight, Kuroshitsuji, and more.

My favorite hatena series: Candela, Gravity(Vicki), Dark Wings, Kimi No Ai, Dead Rose, Lock Heart(Satoshi N.), Burn, Escape, Hisako the Chosen One, Endless(Miki), Wired(Rameesha), Love Overload, Escape(Tear Yui/Magiclove), Insane, Envy(Deechan), Nekomimi Kiss, The Neko Project(Jasmine).


Likes- chocolate, cookies, cooking, baking, drawing, writing, cherry blossoms, pizza, manga, anime, friends, ramen, sushi, dancing, Japan,video games, yaoi, swimming,dancing, basketball, cats, rabbits,AKB48, SoShi,LoveHolic, Wakaba, sushi, fish, tacos, burritos, vocaloid, tennis, climbing, roses, fanfiction, strawberries, music, photography, miso soup, Kiku Juon, Meiko, Teto Kasane, Hatsune Miku, Luka Megurine, Black Rock Shooter, music, double rainbowsXD

Dislikes- people who hurt my friends, bad news, sad endings, perfume, chores, school, homework, teachers, dogs, wind, filth, deviantart, coffee, mice and rats/ rodents, thunder, bugs, lightning


Oh, I do have a channel and Id like more people to post!Oh, and thank you thank you thank you! 500+ fans! I couldn't be happier, you guys are amazing!



Dee-chan~ Dee is the most amazing friend! She is so sweet and loving! She cares for all of her friends and is so kind, clever, smart and interesting. She is never mean and has always been here for me and everyone else! She is so supportive and sweet! I love her! <3


Art, writing, baking

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