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Hey! This is going to be a new one now xD old one was just.... blah xD...


Rachel (the female lombax xD)

Emilyna(neko cat thingy xD)

Ratchet(the game from Ratchet & clank)

Shin(hmm... a kai? Elf looking person)

Yuki(eevee w/goggels)

Daisy(pink cat tht can turn into a robot and shapeshifts)

J.D(the jolteon w/a spike neckles)

Nyx(the vaporeon)

Rayne( the flareon)

Angelique(the espeon)

Evelyn (stick fig w/an eevee hat)

Saki(stick fig w/red highlines on her hair)

These are my main o.c's tht I use or not xD... but imma make an mv about alll of my chars soon xD in total.. there's like 30-40 chars tht I have but don't use xD

Friends tht I adore....






Lily 101


Blueblue/blue snivy

And more.... a lot more xD..... these are my close friends... haha xD if I miss some1 sry...hmmm.. thts pretty much I have to say xD...

Hmm.. yeah.. xD thts it!

//edit/ my gosh... I am such a horrible person.... I've lost so much luved ones... Wat is wrong with me?... I belong nowhere in this world...

//edited on 6/1/12/

Hey there :3 new info.. But this time it's about me xD... Okay

My fave color -red,green, and black

my fave Pokemon!! Ish eevee!!! XD eevee lover! <3 lol.. And my name does start w/an E :3

I love being around my friends.

I like helping out a friend in need.

I love making my friends laugh n smile. It brings me joy!

I love music! Almost any but: hard metal, country, classic, opera (xD) jazz. And that's it I think..

My most fave ish techno, electro, dubstep and pop!!

I fear spiders.... Eeeeeeehh... And... -mumbles-

I love drawing.. (Of course!!! XD)

Fave shows r.. Dbz. Pkmn. Family guy. Etc. -lazy- xD

Rachel.. Ish just my chars name :3 I'm Rachel, but not irl xD.. I wish tho.. XD

I think that will be all... Now.. You know me too much!! XD enough with you!!! XD