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Last Updated:March 12 2012 9:36PM

Name;Christina (Tina)


Birthday;September 4th

School:School at home

Relationship Status;Single <3 '

Favorite Colors;Pink <3 '

iLove Eminem!How much iLove Eminem is 999,999,999,999

iDon't care what people say about Eminem!<3 '

My Favorite songs;Blackout,International Love and I Need a Doctor

My crush status:Bruno Mars <3 '

iHave a BIG crush on Bruno Mars!<3 '

You guys are probally wondering why iHave no flipnotes.<3 '

It is becuase this is my 2nd account.<3 '

My other account?id:oscar567 9type in on Hatena)

People iHate;Is my neices and older cousins

My besties;

Felisha (Fleaa <3) id:yepechez910

iAm eating a poptickle

iReally had a crush on you Taio Cruz (iLove him too!)