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Hello. Im sorry for my absence of, like, forever. I've been dying to post some of my AWESOME new flips. but, i was gonna sell my dsi, so i formated it. i decided not to sell it, and am finally trying to put my account back on. But sadly, apparently since i already used my account on my dsi before i formatted it, flipnote wont let me do it again. So, my only true options are to make a new email to make a new account, or leave hatena forever... Oh, and before i formatted i was finishing up and amazing stick fight made entirely from sprites... but now it got deleted, and i've lost my motivation... Nevermind, i have to leave. i just tried to make another email for about 30 minutes, and EVERY TIME it said another reason i couldnt make an account, and most of them were wrong... im sorry, im just as dissapointed as you are.