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Project Overview:

Prestige Kings County is a luxury plotted development presented by Prestige Group.

Located in Rajapura Electronic City, Bangalore, which is a prime tech hub in the city.

Plot Sizes:

The project features plots in mixed sizes ranging between 1200 sq ft and 3200 sq ft.

Various size scales are available, including 30 * 40 sq ft, 30 X 50 sq ft, 30 X 60 sq ft, 40 X 60 sq ft, and 40 X 80 sq ft.

Infrastructure and Amenities:

The site extends over 80 acres of land enclosure.

Plots will have access to essential utilities such as water, sewage, and electricity lines.

The township boasts good infrastructure with wide roads, walkways, parks, and courtyards.

Over 50 premium amenities and comforts are included, promoting a hearty and fit lifestyle.

Residential Options:

The project hosts multiple plots suitable for building villas, mansions, or duplex homes.

Completion Timeline:

The project is currently in progress according to RERA status.

The launch is scheduled for 2023, with completion expected by 2027.

Customer Base:

The project aims to serve over 800 plus happy customers in one of the finest realty zones of the city.

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Prestige Kings County Luxury Plotted Development


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Rajapura Electronic City, Bangalore

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