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i plan to do a comic-style series wth a storyline and stuff. mainly comedy if i can help it. it is pretty much a parody at best right now in my head. BLARG. yes i say that too much. deal wif it. anywho, itsa be comic so 1-i can keep motiv for it. 2-i can do that on paper if i ever want to 3-size limits irrimatate me XD

i change the entire thing instead of adding. deal wif it.

[<3] ftw

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Jamaican Dance by Konshens

Everybody Loves Me by One Republic

i'll keep this segment, and add to it

Blog :DD ima keep my most interesting events here

playerblog 11/25 12:24 am: I just got back from black friday :D I didn't go into the store, but i indeed waited in line. I spent 4 hours in that line as moral support for my peers. I was seen doing the cha-cha slide or whatever it's called, yelling out minutes remaining, and running back and forth between the parking lot and my house. However, the most anticipated part of the night is when I got out of line. I was about 50 ft back in the line, and then they opened the doors. I simply stated to my parents "K bye" and ran off towards the back of the line screaming "WOOOO BLACK FRIDAY! WOOO" and ran back home. The responses varied. They either mimicked me or said I was going the wrong way. There was a girl in line I felt like I knew from somewhere.. Kind of wished I did so I could talk to her. I still had fun on my way out though :D

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