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Hello peoples i am back.....oh you don't known me....okkk my name is liam, i am 14 years of age also im just a regular school boy waiting for dreams to unfold i want to become a art type person and draw anime drawings my drawings on the dsi is not the best since there is not many features but im dreaming to try my best!!

what games do i like?

call of duty. (4,5,6,7)

pokemon. (ruby,platinum,white,xd)

zelda. (twilight princess, spirt tracks)

dragon quest (8,9, swords(wii))

mario (kart,luigi's mansion, party,tennis)

kirby (ultra superstar)

i can't say anymore games there is just loads ^^'


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also this is for sarah and melonhead i to put links for em

sarah- http://ugomemo.hatena.ne.jp/99E825601E265B02@DSi/



flipnotes i am working on or not kidding

.reguler show breackfest