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Get 100 fans (DONE)

Get flip in top 6 in MP (DONE)

Get flip in top 5 in MP (DONE)

Get flip in top 4 in MP (DONE)

Get flip in top 3 in MP (DONE)

Get flip in top 2 in MP (DONE)

Get flip in top 1 in MP

Get 100,000 *'s (DONE)

Get 50,000*'s (DONE)

Get 150 fans (DONE)

Get 200 fans (DONE)

Get 500 fans (DONE)

Get 1,000 fan's

Get 1,500+ fan's

Be ranked in # 1-20 in Creator's ranking (DONE)

Be ranked in # 500-1 in Creator's ranking (DONE)

Get flip in MP (DONE)

Get flip in 1-30 in Most Commented (DONE)

Get 1,000,000 *'s on a flip

Get 1,000,000 *'s in my Creator's Room

Get a Purple *

Get a Blue *

Get a Red *(DONE)

Get a Green * (DONE)

Goal's updated l8ter


Highest Creator's ranking: 9!!


Well my B-day is May, 19

I was born in 2000 .3. yes I'm 11 lol


IDK lol

I live in MO

I was born in Texas

Lived there until I was 9

Well ummm idk what to say except kiss my behind! :D

Full name

Nicholas Edward Mann