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eyyyyyy!!!!!xDDD wat upp?? lol umm..idk wat 2 type in this shiz...soo imma just say..i like music chillin with meh homies xDD haha nd playin COD black ops haha...quick scopin is where its attt!!!xDD haha..if u live in chicago lets chill motha fuka!!!xDD hahaha lolololololol naww idk peace out ya'll lol hit me up with em messages ;) haha kk dueces

p.s... S.E.S love!!!!!!! haha so extremly sexy ;) lol lots of love!!! oh and lolol im banned from hatena?? idk they say i be doin stupid shiz on here nd im like wtf?? ppl just report me for stupid shiz idk..they can go fuk themself nd plus hatena dont read dem comments they be writing back 2 me shizz man im just over here standin up for mehself nd some chick them guys be fukin with nd them guys report me for inappropriate language cuz they kno i cursed em out haha!;) wateva man they gay as fuk lol..xDDD idk.but if ur readin this ur awesome ;) haha..undead till we die niqqqqqqqua!!!xDDD lolol =..hollywood undead ---> listen 2 em:) awesome fav song is california (lyrics)by hollywood undead nd story of a snitch by dueces ;) haha kk peace meh niqqqquuaa!!xD

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classified ;)


<---y cant it be sex??


69 xDDD jk


every year o.0

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blood type? gore xP naww i dont fukin know?


sux ;)

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idk xP

Place of birth

hospital obviously..dumbassshhhh


doin ur mom ;) haha

Special skills

watch me in bed..ull know haha


polish nd english xD