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Nyah~ Welcome, master ~ <3

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Nyah~ Welcome, master ~ <3

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HAII~!! I'm Koromi-desu!! Or you can call me Koro!! Nyah, and I'm here to make a new 'About Me' thingy, so please, Enjoy!! <33

Like I said, I'm Koromi, or you can call me anything else, I don't mind!! And also, I have a lot of friends on Hatena, which pretty much keeps me on!! My bestest friends on Hatena are Onee-chan and Onee-san (Kat-chan and Nike-chan!!-Doki Sisters!!<3 Kya!!) MP4, Su, Myrikay, Simplicity, Pinkie-chan, Kara-chan, DokiDes, Sakuramoon, Kaabi, Dreamer, Luna, Stardust, Dee-chan, Gum, and a lot of other people!! My most favorite creators are all of my friends, Nika, Morgan, Sourskittz, F, Aurora, AwesumGir, and a lot others!!


Another thing, I Love Hatena!! <33 It's a place I can finally be myself and have many sisters and brothers who care for me, Arigatou, everyone!! \>w

So about me.. Eetoo, I'm really childish for my age and also I'm an optimist!! Although I have a cheery attitude, I fight a lot(childishly dB) with my friends in real life, but always end up losing. *sweat drops* But that's what brings us closer together and makes us all have fun!! And..I LOVE Anime!! I think it's the greatest thing ever!! I've been drawing anime ever since I was.. 8 years old, in 4th grade!! And after that, I was slowly improving until I draw the way I draw now. I promise to try to improve my skills so all of you can enjoy them!! <-^^-> Also, I'm a Yaoi Fangirl for life!! Please don't judge me!!

More Info~


Well, I guess that's all!! Thanksies for viewing this, my Flipnote sisters and brothers!! Here's a giant cookie!! I hope you will have a good life!! Buh-bye!! <33

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Koromi Ritsuki






June 21


Story-Writer, Japanese and English Singer, and Anime Artist-desu! (Plus, I'm a full-time Yaoi fan!)


Watching anime, Reading manga, Reading ordinary novels, Drawing

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Writing short stories


English, Japanese, Tagalog