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:I I don't know what to write.

Erm.... I'm 13 and in 8th grade... I hate pizza...

CUSTARD AND FISH FINGERS! I love doctor who ;w;


Gah I can't wait till the Black Rock Shooter game is available in North America.

Gosh... I'm so boring "OTL

Stuffy nose is stuffy :(


Likes: Manga, Anime, Pocky, Ramen (I LIVE on ramen), Studio Ghibli, Ice cream, This really really yummy Japanese drink from my town's comic book shop, K-pop, J-pop, Dragon age (Hel.l Yeah!), Tobuscus, The Internet, books, movies, The Sims, Drawing (No dur), Vocaloid, MMD (When it's NOT glitchy...), Amusement Parks, and food.

Dislikes: Most first person shooters (You've played one, you've played 'em all), Alaska, Pizza, Pasta, bugs, SPIDERS, school work, thinking of likes and dislikes, twilight, most of what plays on the radio, twilight, #2 pencils, twilight, bridges, twilight, Facebook, and twilight.


I change my icon often....


I don't know why I keep putting these hearts...


I'm not that girly... Only on special occasions...


Youtube: Ohnomysuitsonfire

Email(Hatena related only): ohnoiseemtobeonfire@yahoo.com

UPDATE! I'm now on twitter!

Twitter: MySuitsOnFire

Deviant Art: Sketcharooni What? No fire?