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updated on July 18, 2012*

Hey people! :P My name is Kelly and I'm 14 >.< and Im single (what a surprize.... not!) I love being sarcstic and joking around. I'm saying this now so you people know but I'm not a girly girl, I hate makeup and I hate people who think they are better then everyone else and who are b*tches to others. oh and have fun taking to be mean to me and make me feel bad if you don't like me ;) never works :3

anyway :) ... yeah I'm a hunger games fan as you can tell for my user name and icon(rue's my fav :P)read all 3 books (which were great) yes I like reading about I also like sprots and being outside oh and I can't forget video games XD. I play soccer, vollyball and basktball and sometime other sports to like softball. I play runescape,

too *cough* power wish 9 *cough*XD. But most of all I LOVE drawing and music/singing. sure my drawing suck crap on here 'cause I suck at drawing on a DSi but I'm a great drawing if i have paper and a pencil ^.^ as for music I don't know what I'd do without it! XD

I'm canadain (eh? lol) and I live on a dairy farm with my parents and 4 brothers (I had 5:/ and I wish I had a sister >.<)near Kemptville >.>

I'm good at math (I'm not a nerd! Just 'cause I'm really good at math and I have glasses dosen't make me a nerd), art, gym and music. And I suck a spelling sooo.... >.< but I do love to write my own stories which I think are pretty good^.^ (the one I started on here sucks cause I was trying to write it quickly x.x)

oh and no one calls me Vic please >.< I have a friend who calls me that 'cause of my middle name (short form for Victoria >.>) and only really close friends can call me that although it drives me nuts x.x

I don't have a phone so people don't try and creep me like "hey can I have your number" (it has happened before a coulpe times -.-) pfft but who need a phone when I know how to text using my DSi >:P

and same with my facebook -.- I don't add random people