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Hello! princes830 here! Ok just let me get one thing straight. I spell my name princes830 cause 830 is easy for me to remember and sometimes when I sign up for websites there is only room for princess83 so on every website I do princes830 or princes830__75 but in this case it is princes830. Ok now about me! I love to sing, and write songs, I love to draw. ( I am WAY WAY better drawing on paper then the Dsi and I can draw people ok some people say I can't draw but I can draw awesome on paper but I don't think flips are important so I really don't try so pfffffff!) I play softball. We are so far in the top 3! Yay! ( Please note this is from summer 2010 we ended in 3 place some of this info is a bit old! ) I play the cello for the school strings band, I am really good in school and I have many friends and four I would never ever give up! I think flipnotes are really fun and I hope one day I can be a great creator like some of you out there! UPDATE: OMG OMG I just got into my school play Beauty and the Beast! I don't know what part I got we will find out in a few weeks please wish me luck! UPDATE: Two things one: I changed my creator name to animegirl ( And then a star) and Two: I for my part in Beauty in the Beast I think I am only going to be a backround villiger unless the roles swich or something but I'm SUPER SUPER SUPER bummed I have been cring for days T T UPDATE: I just became a citizen and I made 2 new channels so check them out on my created channels!!!!!!!!!!!


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