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Hello! I'm Princess! I am a huge Legend of Zelda fan! I am from California and loves to draw. I enjoy orchestrated and adventurous music, nature, and challenges. I practice drawing Zelda everyday. I started taking interests in The Legend of Zelda since 2006 but I've known Zelda since 1998. What first inspired me were the characters when I played Super Smash Brothers Melee. So, I started playing the games. I enjoy adventure games, the music and the storyline because it reminds me of myself. I wish to share my talent to people around the world and make lots of friends. I am a girlish girl or as most people known me as and loves to express my inner feelings! One day I wish to become an artist and also make 3D animation related to The Legend of Zelda. My biggest inspiration is Rwan Link from YouTube. I enjoy his 3D Zelda animations and wish to accomplish my talent as good as his. I am hoping to improve in my Zelda art and I hope everyone continue to enjoy my work I share with all of you forever. :)


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April 18th

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Playing: The Legend of Zelda everyday!!!

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