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jenny is my oc

she is really a project tobi made called project J. she was happy to be with him,but one day tobi went to a mission and left jenny with 2 untested wolves,they had got near jenny and knocked her out and took her to the forest to rot and die. she was very young so she really didnt know what was happening,when she woke up she was cold but,her wolf side told her to look for shelter and rest. she got up feeling colded and lonly,when she was walking she got really tired and sat down,later a pack of wolves found her and took her in like one of their own. when she woke up she felt warm then felt a movement and something had just licked her,she quickly sat up and cried for tobi,she didnt know that the pack of wolves where caring for her,they knew she can be helpful one day. she stopped crying when one of the female wolves droped a pice of food infront of her. years pasted jenny grew up and became pack learder,she easily goes to villages wearing some kind of cloak(not akatsuki) covering her ears, and tail, shes with her wolf killer, they usally just buy food, most of the times litlle kids with no family walk up to her and ask for food. her eyes are always covered,but she happly gives them some bread, she walks away into the forest and disapers. she was later found by tobi, he told her that he was her dad, but she didn't belive him so she fighted him,tobi manijed to grab her hand and drain some of her chacura, but he returned it to her cuz he didnt want to hurt her. jenny took the chance to hurt him badly, she was about to make her kill, but she holded back and just left. she stopped and returned to him & took him to the leaf using a transnformation justu. when he was healed she took him back to the forest, called him lucky that she didnt kill him like the rest of the ppl who threaten her, then she walked away. he stopped her and she kicked him into a tree and growled "humans are all bad they only care 4 themself,your not my dad i grew up with wolves and they are my faimly" he got up again and told her to join the akatsuki to learn more and told her their goals. she joined but only to learn more about her so called father(tobi). she ends up beliving him, but still doesnt call him Dad or Madara only tobi.--------


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will u add me?

eh i dont like ppl saying tht

look @ my flips?


can u make me a AMV or put me in a flip?

i take my time on my flips and i cant promise i will draw u

can u do my collab?

sure...when i have time

can u make a turtorial?

i suck @ those, so idk