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The Liechtenstein Entry Form, otherwise known as the Liechtenstein Passport is a digital travel document which authorized travellers must complete entering Liechtenstein. It collects information on travellers and personal details about their planned travel to identify any potential sickness among travellers. However, it doesn't substitute any other travel document or visa necessary to access Liechtenstein legally. Rather than the Liechtenstein Passport, travellers may require a Schengen visa in order to remain in the country.

For travellers planning to input Liechtenstein, it's necessary to have the correct details in hand before traveling , as failure to do so might lead to a refusal at the customs point of entrance. To avoid a problem in the customs area, travellers are advised to leave sufficient time (at least two hours) to prepare at the airport. The customs staff in the airports will check all foreign travellers' files and may require them to finish the Liechtenstein entry form, including payment for any extra charges.