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i have been with hatena 4 a year and i have finnaly bcome a citizen (woo!!!)! i have a dsi (of course) a wii and 3 pets {dog cat hamster} i mow lawns and used 2 babysit i buy most of the suff i own including my dsi and soulsilver birthday is august 10 and im 12 and my 1st name on hatena wuz noodles lol

i hope u watch my vids and add comments/stars if u want [im not a star begger] ps wath out 4 1 elmo 2 da pizza hut guy 3 exploding diorea <fail 4 flying pie/pizza 5 aliens w/ da power 2 steal ur flips or destroy ur dsi/dsi xl/ soon 2 b 3ds lol peace</ppp>