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Hi. I am Tomas. I am 11 years old and I am a vegetarian. I like Flipnote, chocolate and cats. My highest achievements on Hatena (I know they're not very good):

#3:Getting 1000 stars on 3 flips.

#2:Getting over 15 fans.

#1:Getting a green star from Aaron, Hatena staff member.

My motto is even the fastest river, winds somewhere safe to sea. Or Aurom Posestas Est (Gold is power.) Whichever you like better.


P.S:How many times can you say giant cats eating goulache in 20 secs?

P.P.S:If you said it more than 15 times then try saying it ONCE in one minute after inhaling Nitrous Oxide.

P.S.S:Nitrous Oxide is laughing gas.