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I value all my friends they make flipnotes worth it!

  • Shoutouts-
  • LimaBean

:My First actuall friend who has kept me going on hatena.

  • BlackKat
A real Good Friend to Chat w/ we seem to have a lot in comon

:One of the best Creators ever.Never thought I'd be Friends w/him.(Bamfitude Partner no.2)

  • SkllzMsterX

:My Awsomely Epic Bamfitude Right handman!(no.1)

:Hes a supportive Bro!

  • SparkyJoe

:Pretty Funny dude fun to chat w/you and Rp w/.

  • Trilogy
We dont talk much and your a supportive Bro
  • Kiwi

Awsomest Anime Drawer Ever!Your a good Friend!

Note:You Guys arent in any Rank or in any order!!!0Fto