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"Your beautiful its the society thats fkd."

Sup ` thug ? Well about me ... Hmm.

Im spontaneous & slightly out of control. I enjoy going insane, throwing glitter therefore making it rain among other things . To me life is one big party and Im the girl with vodka in one hand and fist-pumping in the other. Ask around, Im amazing :) Italiano & puerto rican . I speak ENGLISH, ARABIC, & SARCASM. Thats it. So please think twice before you leave me a comment in espanol, COMPRENDE? Anyways I love bmxing & football but cheerleading is my passion. Do not confuse me with your scene/emo/hipster/etc. stereotypical b-shieet. They`ve got nothing on me :)) I have a twin bro-chacha named Avian-Milan, he is my other half ! He`ll be on hatena when he finds his dsi :)) i adore comments & whatnot but I tend to attract haters everywere I go. So please do not come at me with your jealous b-shiettt because all you`ll get in return is a 'eff you very much' & a smart comment of some sort :))

I love screamo, deathcore, house music, dubstep, & pop music. <333 Life is short & so am I ;))

Live fast && die perty.


Ariel-Marie Brazil Swayze