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dont bother reading. theres no useful info here...



im working on a lot of flips. a lot of the animations are animations you wouldent expect form a "newbie" but guess what! im not a newbie. my last dsi was stolen from some kid at school. i got a new dsi and a new account! my old accounts name was fangfox but the person changed it to green. weird name, huh?

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im a 13 year old girl who loves link, toonlink, and the rest of the characters from the legend of zelda series (besides ganandorf lol). i mainly draw wolves, foxes, and squirrels. im usually working on a flip for 5 hours a day and i usually get done in about 4 days (depends on the animations, how long the flip is, etc.) my favorite bands are skillet, green day, 3 days grace, and a lot more...

if you have any questions just contact me on here

characters i use:

Wolf Link

Me (the red fox with the black ears that come to a point kinda)

ZodiacWolf (shes my friend XD so i use her a lot since she never posts)

Kunyi (pronounced coon-yee)


Zora and Kunyi are zoroarks, female. Zodiac Wolf is my friend from school and she rarely posts flips... so i got bored and used one of her characters, which has gray hair with red color and has a moon on it. Wolf Link is Link off of twilight princess, wolf form lol. um the one that says me, the characters name is Zorra (female name for fox in spanish)and she, well i, am ignored and stuff so if you see her in a flip and she is the main character than its talking about me and most of the time it isnt good...

i may add more but some i havent used yet (Zora, Kunyi.)