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If you are reading this, means that you are really bored.

Last update: 10-08-2012

I leave again DDDD:

but I think that I will be back soon dont worry ^^


I love that opening! *-*



君はふてぶてしくつぶやいた ~♬

I´m a girl, I'm 15 years old and I love manga and videogames, and my favorite anime is full metal alchemist, and my fave game is zelda twilight princess!! also vocaloid, all zelda games and mangas, mario, sonic, bleach, pokemon, shugo chara, death note, chobits, soul eater,fairy tail, mirai nikki, Inazuma eleven (anime/game), Oreno imouto ga konna ni kawaii wake ga nai, black rock shooter, panty & stocking, air gear, XXX holic(also school days, but this anime caused me a trauma xD). I love flipnote hatena. I live in Spain, but I can speak english and a little french. I want to have a lot of friends in hatena!

my birthday is in january, the 16

friends have you got 3ds? tell me please! I want more friends! :D

I want to improve my flipnotes, and I think that every time I make a little better

best rank: 4!!! Im really happy!!!


my favourite vocaloid: Miku and Gumi! song: Mozaic Role! I love this song!!! >w<

and I love rock and celtic music too ^^

remember: I'm a big the legend of zelda fan! >:D

and please enjoy my flipnotes and comment, I want to know your opinion

... Nyan!