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I'm generally a friendly person. Unless you tick me or my friends off. Then you're fragged.

My real name is Kaitlin. You will only call me that if I LOVE YOU. I'm 13. I adore Country music, Muse, Mumford and Sons, Skrillex, occasionally Deadmau5 and Skillet. I'm a tomboy. I like Pokemon. And purple. My favorite video games are (in order): Halo Reach, Fallout 3, Portal, Spyro, Jurassic Park, and Transformers. My favorite movies are (in order): Transformers (the original 1986 animated movie), Transformers (all three of the new ones), Jurassic Park (all three), Ironman, StarTreck, and Avatar. My favorite books are (in order): Warriors, Jurassic Park, Bionicle, Eragon, Where the Red Fern Grows, Bambi, and the Yearling. I like to read. I'm a Christian Reformist. I fangirl over all the villains in every book/movie. Except Galbatorix, he's a creep. I like dark, bloody things. I like to RolePlay and write. I live in Bakersfield, CA, and wouldn't have it any other way. I love animals. I like to read Transformers, Halo, and occasionally Mass Effect, Metroid, and Bionicle fanfiction.

My Neopets account is dragons_r_cool__79. Don't friend request me. I wouldn't mind a chat though.


Hatena Family

Mum: None.

Da: None.

Bro(s): None.

Sis(s): None.

Dog: Thorn (Kei/Macht)

Twin: Bluestar (who, unfortunatly, quit. DX)


People I LOVE That are allowed to call me by my first name:

Twin, Thorn, Jessy, Kain, Arrow, Darks, Sammy, Vivs, Luke, Blackstar...