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im 12yrs old,and some flips will contain:.maria(bff),or sai(my cousin)and his little bro(toshi)my fav creatore is chibivamp! and i just want to become popular......(and get more stars) most of the time im bored and very boring my self ummmm i LOve FULL METAL ALCHEMIST!!!!! mah b-day is may 27th lol random me stuff ummmmmmmmm oh and some will contain my new friend sandy!!!! um i lik 2 sing vocaloid :0 LEN LEN LEN LEN LEN ;) im mexican my name is actually sakura uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i luv len + kaito,anna u gots competition!!!!!!!!XD ummmmmmmmm when im older i wanna be a pastry chef,i likes bruno mars+chris brown and i lie to bake stuff umm igots a girl dog,her name is ginger i can draw better on paper than on a dsi and im a preety cool artist although i cannot draw hands,its sad i know=D,um i lives in chicago sooo yeah im addicted to the song matryoshka by miku hitstune and gumi megpoig(and for the first time by the fray)i can draw miku and gumi on paper actuly i can draw anything on paper on dsi... i suck!!mangas that i like:naruto, naruto shippuden,deathnote,vampire knight,inuyasha,bleach,full metal alchemist,kekkaishi,cowboy bebop,uuuh cirque du freak,srgt keroro,one piece,uuh i like more but i forgot the rest lol. if any of u have noticed im bord is my most used phrase in my vocabluarylol,i also have a new oc (based on one of my new bffs julie)her name is neru-chan!!