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Heyy Everybody!!!

Hatena Name: DNA Wolf

Name: Shani

Age: 12

Thanks everyone for over 500 fans!!! ( love ya all ^^ )

I like wolfs, horse, basically anything animal...


Name: Knight

Animal: Wolf

Gender: Male

Mate: Star

Description: Red eyes Grey ears, right front foot grey, left front foot white, both back legs grey and grey tipped tail.

Story: Knights mum is a white wolf (name is Snowflake), his dad is a dark, evil wolf (name is shadow). Shadow made Snowflake fall in love with Shadow thats why Knight has an evil side. Shadow killed Snowflake when Knight was a Pup and luckily Knight escaped and is now with a new pack. Knight grew up as thinking the alpha is his dad but Knight was furious when he was told what happened so he took off, he found a female wolf (Star) that was alone so they both are now mates. Knight is still trying to find his real dad and get revenge. Knight has nightmares of what happened.

yeaaa.... :D

ok, good bye all ma fans and friends and sises!!!

lov DNA Wolf.