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6 Tips For Sewing Silk Fabric

If you want to attempt some project which is made of silk fabric, you don’t have to worry about a thing because we are here to help you out. We are going to give out 6 wonderful tips to make it easy for you to sew with silk material and for the next time, you will love working with it.

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  • Fabric Preparation:

Fabric Preparation

The major benefit you are going to have at the time of pre-washing silk is that you don’t have to go through the problem of watermarks again. The pre-washing step will make your fabric calm so you can work in peace without any fear of marks on your fabric.

  • Testing:

Before you start creating real-time projects on the silk fabric, it is highly recommended to keep practicing and moving forward. One day you will be perfectly okay with sewing with such difficult fabric like silk.

What you should notice and check before keeping your hands on the sewing machine is whether your settings are up to the mark or not. In case they are not you have to do the setup again and check the stitch settings on the rough patch.

  • Tissue Sheets:

Tissue sheets are for tight-budget sewers who want to apply tricks without going out shopping. All you have to do is to keep the tissue sheet in between two layers and they won’t slip anymore. And yet, this is the quickest method to keep your fabric stable during working time.

Tissue sheets can be very helpful when you work with thin fabric, however, when sewing thick and heavyweight fabrics like canvas or denim, using tissue sheets is not a good choice. Instead, you should invest in a high quality heavy duty sewing machine or you can buy a good coverstitch sewing machine here)

  • Use French Seam:

It is going to be the hardest thing for you to finish the seam or to sew it while working with silk material. Silk is quite resistant to it and that’s why you have to use things to calm the silk. This is the perfect time to use the French seam.

If you want your seam to be perfectly beautiful and you don’t want to get yourself into more complications, our recommendation is to go for the French seam and save yourself.

  • Stabilizer:

Of course, that silk is too soft to handle and control will make it a little hard for the time being, we would advise you to use a stabilizer on it. The stabilizer is going to make things more settled for you. Besides, from sewing to ironing, you can do anything without any problems. However, do not use too much as it will dim the shine of your clothes and you have to wash them again.

  • Sharp Objects:

Another thing every sewing starter should bear in mind is to use sharp tools for silk sewing as silk can be damaged easily. So if you don’t use the sharp supplies, the appearance will be ruined at the time of cutting.

Thus, we recommend you use sharp needles to pin down the fabric. Push pins must be new and rust-free because if you use rusted ones, your fabric will get that color as well. Moreover, check out this comprehensive guide about Top Coverstitch Machine Reviews to find out more about top-rated sewing machines available today.