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Hi, im back people i was thinking of retiring but not anymore coz im back! Also a friend of mine named JAM on hatena has stolen some of my flipnotes, if i find anyone stealing they will be reportee immediately. (JAM if your reading this you better not continue to steal or else you will be reported i want you to remove the stolen flipnotes NOW!!)

Yeah JAM is my school mate as well as a real mate. Oh and dont forget to support another schoolmate of mine named lolzybabe on hatena she's in my faves.

There are going to be a Confagrigus series where he says all these freaky things in a evil voice (watch some and you will know what kind of voice i mean) also can be knownly described as wierd, he will say like KILL YOUR FAMILY!! or ALL YOUR SOULS ARE BELONG TO ME!! If anyone wants to audition comment on one of my flipnotes and tell me u must have something to modify your voice, if im going to hire you i have to see whether you are good enough to be like Confagrigus voice.

I'm out of ideas and each time I try a new idea I had it just fades turning into FAIL!