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hi everyone!!!i am ish.zu's little sister...we are both yugioh fans my sister writes fanfiction and im the brains on the original yugioh show... she doesnt care what happens i just tell her random facts... well i am 11 and my favorite colors are blue, green, and black...(3 i love yaoi... and i hate talkin bout myself...well im not the best in school... i used to play basketball (i dont think im very good at it)... i dont like shopping or most of what usual girls would like... i usually play the yugioh card game or draw in my free time... i dont like my sister's stories they are usually boring... my cousin says i have the intension span of a goldfish... i like sonic as well... i love playin guitar hero and games like that... i am usually nice but when people make fun of my sisters i get REALLY angry... well i want to have fun on this and makes friends...(p.s. most of my flips are made by my older sister i dont like them that much)i hate spelling things wrong...I LOVE ONE PIECE!!!!!!!!!!!!! my favorite character is RORONOA ZORO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My secound favorite is Portgas D. Ace...Im also fond of Fairy tail...and DEATH NOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!