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Alright, I finally decided to make a description about me. So I am 13 years old, and I love to draw. When I first entered Hatena, I wasn't that good. But thanks to everyone here, I am now a whole lot better! Some of you may of figured it out, but "sacuL" is "Lucas" backwards. Yeah...that's my name.

This paragraph is dedicated to my fans. This is a thanks to them, because I could not have asked for more supportive fans. It makes me jump with joy... Again, thanks everyone!

- I really have 8000 fans??? Holy crud... that's...

THANK YOU FANS!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, some people are starting to call me Lucas. Lucas is my name, sacuL is my Hatena name. So please everyone, (even people who personally know me) call me sacuL. Not Lucas. THX! :D

W00T! I'm getting my first haters! (That's good...I think...)

Okay, now I'm getting many haters...(that's not good...I think...). People like borisduck keep unlinking my flipnotes!

Random Fact: 90% of Hatenians can't say my name right. They say: scaul, or scal, or sucal, or Sacul. Here is how you should say it. sacuL. Notice the capital "L" at the end of my name, and a lowercase "s" at the beginning. Hope this helps!

I'm deciding to do what BOSS does with his upcoming flipnotes!

Upcoming Flipnotes: updated 5/23/10

TLCDSi 10% (slow progress)

Gizmo contest spinoff thing-60% (should be done soon)

Other random flipnotes-they'll pop in an out.

I am low on ideas. So if any of you guys have any, if you want, post them in the comments of my flipnotes. Many thanskies, -sacuL