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My name is Heart a.k.a. HeartNote! ( ^-^ )

Call me Heart! That's what everybody calls me... ♥♥♥

※I love my friends!!※

※I draw Shoujo Style! I love romance!※

※I love to support people!※

※I hate thieves!※

※I guess that's all for now...※

※I have channels please visit them sometimes... thank you so much!! -- °∴♪*Romance &/ Comedy*♪∴° and =Shoujo*Shonen*Cartoon=※

"I can't make the perfect life-style

I don't intend to make the perfect life-style

I am imperfect and keep imperfect forever".. (✿◕ ‿◕)ノ))。₀: *゜

PS: Go add me up at DeviantArt! = sakura-star16 ( -3-)y

UPDATE: 2-1-11 = I'm so sorry for not posting any flipnotes... I have no idea on what I will do... I have no inspirations I guess.. and I've been drawing on paper lately.. I'm so sorry.. please go check my deviant art: sakura-star16... I upload stuff there.. :) I'm really really sorry guys..