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Many people who play Friv Games do not even realize how many works and creative ideas are invested in every single game. Creating a game is a long and time-consuming process, consisting of a wide variety of stages, including both technical and creative moments. That's why, for the most part, games are created not by individuals, but by entire development teams. Every single person in the team is an expert in his field of knowledge. Let's mentally create our own computer game to track all stages of development, from beginning to end, and find out what professions are in demand in the gaming industry. The first thing we need is to decide on our goal. What do we want to receive in the end? If you want your game to fire, you need to focus on the beginning, rather than act at random.

It is possible from the very beginning to represent in the smallest detail its ready game, and it is possible to think out in the course of development both the plot, and style, and features of the game. In this case, unnecessary accuracy is not required, but, at least, it is necessary to specify the direction of development of our Friv 2 game project. Genre of the game must be selected at the very beginning without fail. Genre will be the main direction of the development of the game.

Some elements will give us a high popularity among players (destruction, competition, hero, caring), some - loyal, but captious fans (tactics, control, evasion), and some - lack of serious competitors (training, logic, travel, economics).

The chosen genre can be slightly adjusted in the course of work, but its essence should remain the same. Genre is a kind of foundation for the whole Kizi Games. If you want to change the genre of your game, it will be easier to start working out a new game anew, than to redo something that has already been worked out.

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