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I'm Angel, I love wolves and Eevee's. My characters are Angel, Cooper, AngelEevee, Lumm, Colt, Bloodarm, Novia, Commet, Steve, Moon, Perry, Zack, and Fire, and Foxswift. I have a website: I love everything Marvel does. Marvel made all the superhero's and stuff. My favorite bands are Breaking Benjamen, Linkin Park, Skillet, Srillex, Hollywood Undead. I own three dogs, Scamp, Casey, Scooter. Goals I have reached:

Getting stars from Krxtereme

Getting a comment from Chirin

Getting a comment from Peacewolf

Being Favorited by Krxtereme

Doing a collab with Chirin

Having a succsessufl icon contest

Getting a silver citianship badge (Until I was reported >:I )

Getting at least 100 stars on most amvs

Meeting Gracewolf in real life.

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