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well i just deleted my old horible info because my life COMPLETLY changed:]

hi my name is Mica/Diana either one.Im a creative,helpful,happy,loud,caring person.But arent we all like that? Im pretty sure we are we just need to find it.

i LOVE winter, I love wearing my panda hat, scarf,jazz sweater,an jeans. lol. i feel wierd writing about myself.hmmm why not we chat sometimes if you really would like to know me, id love to know you too!:]

I cant chat here on my account because I got bannned so id be on my CUZINS account: Draglade

oh i also have this channel:smiles everyone, go check it out! and my other channel if you want to show me a flip of yours.

well guesss thats all? CYA! hope you are having a wonderful day/week/morning/night :] smiles!<3